Sonnet IV: The Monster

((This is actually a personal favorite of mine, even though I wrote it in fifteen minutes the day before my poetry book was due... :) ))

Long, thin fingers stretching across the sky,

O'ershadowing the heavens in blackness,

Blotting out the sun with sharp fangs so sly

In a tricky game that would rival chess.

One milky eye watching it's trappéd prey,

A deadly muzzle swallowing all light,

Hiding under stones and bridges by day

To revive its long entombed evil might.

It scratches excitedly at your door,

Waiting to consume all that are afraid,

Greedy for the taste of fear and much more,

Cruel whispers to children at night it made.

Its gruesome territory it will mark

Does the suffocating creature: the Dark. 

The End

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