Forever Framed


There was a picture of you,

In your green dress

Standing tall with the strength

Of a wise woman

Who had experienced long

And hard years

Before the fateful


Of my second grade year.

You’re smiling.

You’re happy.

You look so beautiful in

Your little emerald dress.

Like you were seventeen again.

You were even laughing.

It seems like

A millennia ago.

A millennia since you were here

With us every Easter

And Thanksgiving

And Christmas.

I remember...


Of you.

I can’t remember anything

But the cat clock you always

Hung on the wall in your house

That scared me with it’s big eyes.

I don’t remember anything of you.


All I have

Are pictures.

Pictures of you.

Pictures of family.

Pictures of lost friends.

They’re all just pictures.

Memories forgotten,

Frozen in an instant

In a thin little rectangle.

So close.

You were so close to a century.

Three months before your birthday...

I hope you’re in Heaven now,

Watching over us,

Laughing and smiling like you had been here.

I hope God is taking care of you, too.

Watching over you while you watch us.

We miss you.

The End

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