A child has a mind unlike any we know,

In dreams they fly and in imagination they grow.

Wildflowers bloom and eagles soar,

Castles they defend and dragons roar.

Over the Bridge of Teribithia and through Loth'lorien,

In and out of Hogwarts they've been.

Thwarting the plans of an evil mastermind,

They are the only of their kind.

The last surviver of the human race,

Against a zombie invasion they'll face.

Wielding King Arthur's sward in Camelot,

Past legions of armies they've fought.

Zooming down the road on a Nimbus Two Thousand,

And around structures so grand.

Gliding through galaxies in a futuristic spaceship,

Avoiding asteroids and aliens that go "Blip."

Riding Pegasus through Olympus,

Meeting Zeus is a must.

All they need is a big box to hid in,

Then sit back and watch the wonder begin.

The End

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