Poems that were brought to me through various inspirations, some on a higher oddity level than others, and are mostly all due to a massive English project.

Memories fall with each splash of the rain outside,

Summer nights speeding by and past midnight conversations;

Taunting me with the way things used to be.

I remember us laughing at the same unspoken remark,

A mere glance toward each other and sparks flew;

Flashing me with the way things used to be.

Every day we talked for hours on end,

Deciding what exactly we would conversed even the next day;

Straining me with the way things used to be.

Then one November afternoon you lete it slip,

A small little secret that made my heart leap;

Paining me with the way things used to be.

We excitedly asked each other questions and awaited the replies,

Deep questions and little questions and meaningless questions;

Hurting me with the way things used to be.

In January both our lives changed,

We were more confident and moved to the next level;

Longing for the way things used to be.

Now we never speak.

Are we even friends?

Through all the pain,

And all the agony,

And all the night-swept tears,

I regret the way things have come to be.

Will we ever be the same agian,

Or will we remain so distant?

I miss you.

I miss how close we were.

I miss our friendship.

I miss having you in my life.

It hurts too much for me to say it,

But I do want you to know...

I sill love you.

I still care about you.

Only as a brother.

Any farther is too painful

To begin again.

All I have left are the betraying memories,

The memories that prove you used to be real.

The End

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