The girl looked down at her palm to see the name of her latest ex-boyfriend surrounded by hearts.... She burst out in tears then went to find her ipod. She thought out loud; "I need to drown him out of my thoughts" She turned it on and cranked the volume. She looked back at her palm and whimpered, then started thinking about getting rid of it. Then she caught a glimpse of her wrist. She saw her old scars from before him. Quickly she closed her eyes and covered them with her other hand. Even the scars reminded her of him. He hated the fact that she had cut her wrists before. She was tempted to do it again, but as soon as that thought popped into her head Eminem came on quickly she changed the song. He hated Eminem. She couldn't stand listening to it anymore, but yet she loved Marianas Trench, his favorate band. She looked at the scars again, the sideways ones, she remembered that day, she was with him testing to see how sharp the piece of glass was, his scowle mixed with a frown is so vivid in her head as if it was happening right then. Soon the tears were running down her face. She looked at the other wrist to see if there was anything. She saw her two verticle scars and instantly remembered where they were from. July 3rd, she was with him for a day. It was as if they were together again yet they weren't. She had gotten those scars because she wouldn't let him catch her when she climbed down a wall. Once again it was so vivid, she could smell him, feel the heat, the grass underneath her, his hands placed gently carressing her body. More tears. She turned her music up, looked at her knife, but decided not this time, I still love him. No more tears today.

The End

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