You used to make me think about thingss that never really crossed my mind

you made me want to understand things and do more that what i was assigned

it was the thought of he existence of you that kept me curious

i knew everything about you and you still tried to be mysterious

i found it funny how you made your hands into fists when you faced your fears

I noticed the small things like that and learned more about you through the years

how you ruffled your hair when you were nervous and how you complimented your enemies

but now youre gone and all i have left of you are all those memories

Like all the times that we camped out in your backyard

or when i cut my finger and you made me a glittery get well card

The memory that sticks out the most is when you found my silver escape

That little peice of metal that let me release all my hate

When you hugged me i fell apart and we both started to cry

when i saw the pain in your face, i didnt want to die

but now youre gone and ive turned back to my silver blade

the only thing that makes me happy are the little memories we made

The End

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