Memories; 16

Day in, day out
Countless repetitions of an unrequited dream
I’m drifting along, but held in place
By the hold you’ve got on me

Sometimes I find myself hoping
For what could never be
Wishing upon a star
And reaching for the sky
Thinking of you and me

Sometimes it hurts for me to look upon
Your sweet face that I’ve come to love
And your bright smile
Which is gifted to me each day
I hope to never go without

And sometimes the tears spill
When the sweet pain of your presence
Is almost more than I can endure
But I will never give it up
Not if I can have just one more day
With you here
By my side

I’m praying for a day
That I know will never come
Looking to gods I don’t believe in
In hope of the day we become one
But it’ll never come

Because you don’t know how I feel
And I’ll never say a word
So best friends we’ll forever be
Even as I quietly wish
Hoping for an impossible dream

The End

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