Memories; 15

My thoughts are tumbling wildly
Buoyed on by other things
Maybe I shouldn’t have had that coffee…
Or any other caffeinated drink

I’m normally already crazy
As all my friends have already seen
And that’s without the sweet embrace
Of my favourite little bean

I’m speaking really fast now
And not really making sense
I’m sure my thoughts are overlapping
Hah, I feel sorry for all my friends

And apparently I might be illness bound
By this ‘ADHD’ thing
Hyperactive, inattentiveness?
Pfft, that doesn’t mean a thing
- if they can’t prove it

I’ll just let my doctor speculate
For as long as she would like
I refuse to be diagnosed
From a non-definitive ‘might’

My thoughts are really scattered now
I can’t focus on this post
Can’t tell if this is even rhyming
Or – ooh look blue hair!

The End

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