Memories; 14

I’ve never been the greatest, not one of those
Wasn’t the smartest kid, often lost hope
Sport wasn’t for me I could barely walk straight
Spending class upon the bleachers, I silently wait

Music was nice but I wasn’t great at it
Played a lot instruments but never kept at it
Violin, flute, percussion, I gave them all up
Piano’s still here, but don’t get your hopes up

Time passed by as I let life pass me by
18 years now, I sit here and wonder why
Didn’t think I could succeed, success was too far
“The sky’s the limit” but I should’ve been reaching for the stars

Now three months left until the end of this year
I’m turning the pages until I am out of here
But I won’t give up, as I’m hitting up the books
Ready to go hard so I can finally close these books

This chapter of my life, I’m not very proud of it
But I’m ready to close it to start a new habit
Of thinking good thoughts and believing in myself
Knowing life is a war, but I’m not in it by myself

My friends are here beside me, as I try my best to learn
And sometimes life is hell, but they won’t let me burn
Trusting my closest friends, I’m alone no more
The ones who want to leave me, well I’ll show them to the door

Graduation is still a few months away
But that’s a different story, today’s the day
I’m still in school but I’ve had my graduation
Discovered myself, and found my motivation.

The End

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