Memories; 13

It’s been a week

Since we first met

And I see no other alternative

Of what I’d do

If I hadn’t met you yet


It’s been a week

Since I first saw you

And we first talked

And I can’t believe how much I’m praying

Hoping that this is more than a dream come true


It’s been a week now

I don’t know what’ll happen

I don’t know if we could even be

More than just friends

And I’ll admit that I’m selfish

That I want you all to myself

But hell, would you even want me?


It’s been a week now

And I really hope you know

That I don’t want to be your rebound

That you’re the first

Girl I’m putting this fragile trust into


It’s been a week now

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

But for now I’ll quietly wait

For what tomorrow will bring

As we head towards another week.

The End

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