Memories; 10

Time is fast approaching,

To a point I'm scared to reach,

For me to finally become everything,

That I was born to be.


Seventeen years of age I am,

(I've reached my magical majority!)

I suppose this point I've reached is not so bad,

Seventeen, a time for me to just be me.


Soon to be eighteen years,

A time of independence,

No longer a child, but barely an adult,

I'm not ready for all these changes.


So many new found freedoms,

But am I ready for all these things?

How will I know what to do,

Now that I'm a puppet without my strings.


What choices to make, what things to do,

To be a girl respected,

Alcohol, voting now? I'm driving independent,

Well I guess it's all perspective.


Hopes and dreams, careers and things,

I miss the years just passed,

I'm surfacing from a dream,

To see this 'real world' thing,


No rules and no direction,

It's a crazy world out there,

So I guess for now I'll just take my steps one by one,

And see where my life is headed.

The End

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