Memories; 9 (Dedicated To My Parents, My Family)

Twenty-five years you've been here;

For seventeen years you've been,

Doing everything you could for me,

Both actively and behind the scenes.


You've worked so hard to give;

Your son the life you missed,

Your daughter everything what she needed,

Your 'gorgeous little miss'.


You sacrificed everything;

To make a journey into the unknown,

To find a better life,

For your family, your own.


You've worked so hard since arriving;

You've worked years and years without rest,

Just to bring home the bacon,

Just to give your children the best.


Now that I am old enough, now that I am grown,

I recognise all that you both have done for me,

All that you've given up for me,

And so I promise.


That one day I'll make it big,

I promise you Mother, I will,

And I'll give back everything you both have given me,

In time, I'll make all your dreams become real.


Mum, you'll be able to quit that job,

Dad, you won't have to labour no more,

Mama I'll buy you that house you always wanted,

And Dad your dream was always to own a big store.


And for my big brother;

Whose love and support is everything to me,

I'll get you that car and everything else you've always wanted,

To give back to you for all those things you've ever given me.


You guys are my family,

And I wouldn't have gotten far without you,

Because your unconditional love and support,

They give me the strength to make my dreams come true.

The End

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