Memories; 8

Like an oyster I flourished,

For nine months I laid in wait,

Just waiting for my time to come,

Just waiting for a chance to create.


Something different, something new,

Something I could call my own,

Whether family, fame, friend or foe,

Just a wish that my name is known.


So like a star in the sky I twinkled,

Among millions of others, I did,

Just waiting for my time to be seen,

Just waiting for my time to shine.


But while I wait for my glory,

My name across the stars,

I'll just be who I've always been,

Who is held dearly in your heart.


I'll be the friend I've always been,

The joker who makes you laugh,

I'll be the person who cheers you up,

When times are looking dark.


Glory, fame, and fortune,

Things we all dream of,

But what I treasure most is your friendship,

Your trust and your love,

Which I'll always cherish,

To infinity and beyond.


To love, to fun, to experiences,

To making, creating, remembering,

To lives past, present and future,

To our times, our moments, our memories.

The End

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