Memories; 7

What do you do when no one loves you?

What do you do when everyone’s gone?


Close all the blinds so the light doesn’t blind you,

Close the door so that no one sees you hurt,

Turn up the music so that no one hears you cry,

Put on an image so no one sees you tired.


Tired of the world is a your only thought,

Tired of living is your second most,

You’re tired of everything around you,

You’re tired of hurting, hurting, always hurting,

But nothing you can do will make it stop.


What did you do to deserve this?

What did you do to feel this?


This empty feeling is tearing you up,

This empty shell you have is killing you slowly,

Stand in the rain so it washes away your tears,

Stand alone so no one sees you trembling.


Will no one come help you?

Will no one come save you?


Make sure no one knows you’re hurting,

Keep up your tough look image,

Wrap your arms around yourself tightly,

Don’t let the pieces fall,

Don’t drop your poisoned memories.


Will someone ever realise?

Will someone ever see?


That every day you’re living,

You’re just drowning in your own tears,

Keep away from the sharp objects,

Give your wounded arms a rest.


Though no one hears you calling,

And no on feels your pain,

Those knives will one day help you,

When you want to end it all.


What do you do when you’re tired of living?

What do you do when the world turns black?

The End

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