Memories; 5

What happened to the friendship we’ll never really know,

What happened to the trust we can never really say,

After everything that happened it still only feels like yesterday,

When we were all young children out playing in the sun.


Whose fault was it that ended it all,

Can we ever really say?

All that I can offer you now is my sincerest apology.


Should I be stopping here or would you like me to continue?

Would you still want to read on or close the open window?

I won't excuse my fault from our failed friendship,

I can only offer you my side of the only story.


Was there even a missed moment?

Because I seemed to have missed it too,

One day we were the closest,

And the next we were all distant.


Did we really have strong walls,

Or were they just mirages?

Did my frozen heart forget to love,

Did it even forget to think?


My life was a big mess and everything was blurred,

It was all I could do to keep the tears from falling,

Is it even possible to hide the pain from others?

The only thing that seemed logical was to distance myself at once.


Why force many others around me to feel the same hurt and pain,

I couldn’t deal with the thought of stealing their only childhoods,

When I never had one to begin with,

So I ran.


Yes, the pain still hurts even after your hearts gone numb,

There is no antidote, no remedy, no way to stop the pain,

You can only move on and on,

Try to forget the burning ache,

Hold yourself together and nurse your bleeding arms.


We may have been the closest,

But my world had crumbled down,

No walls we had held up together could withstand the foreign town,

It only seemed right that I stopped ruining your life,

We only had one chance at it.


I was determined to leave you with the best,

No one deserved to feel my pain,

My body numbing hurts,

But I digress.


Do not blame yourself for this painful rift,

Do not blame yourself at all,

For the only one at fault today is the one who caused it all,

Was it you or me or even someone else,

This rift was meant to pass.


A friendship gone will never pass,

It can always be rebuilt,

Memories fade and photos rip,

But won’t be in black and white

The End

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