Memories; 4

In the shadows you were my angel,

You pulled me from my void,

You help me mend my heart again,

You helped to make me whole.


For two days you were a stranger,

Four months you were my friend,

Six months you were my lover,

My ultimate best friend.


I’m sorry that I failed,

I’m sorry I let you down,

I promise I’ll be there for you,

Whenever you need me next.


Now that you’ve mended me,

I’ll tend to your wounds now,

Whenever you need a sister I’ll be there to comfort you,

Whenever you need a friend I’ll be there to help you through,

And whenever you need a lover I’ll be there to love you always.


For you’ve given me a heart again,

A heart that’s truly whole,

I can finally give you everything,

Everything that I’ve got I give to you.


Please take this dear heart of mine,

Treasure it and keep it safe,

And know that I will love you,

Forever and always.

The End

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