Memories; 2

A single life left in this fallen world,

A single drop lying in an empty lake,

A broken flag lies forgotten, unfurled,

A broken soul floats forlorn, unawake.


Desolate, abandoned, his soul still drifts,

Unable to live, unable to think,

No will to live, life but a gift,

His thoughts, his memories, his only link,

To her; his one, his only.


Her nature caring, thoughtful ever more,

With an inner beauty that surpassed all others,

A quirky nature yet calm demeanour

She was a mother at heart, who loved to smother,

Others; with a love so bright.


Before the hurt, the pain, the losing fight,

His family and his friends did rejoice,

Engaged, a fiancé, his soon be wife

She was his precious, the one; his second voice.


She fought so hard to beat the odds,

But in the end her life still slipped away,

A life too short, a life so treasured,

But her iron will brow-beaten,

A tribute to a life now gone, but never once forgotten.

The End

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