Twilight Of Life

The sky is growing lighter,
The waters are running deeper,
And somewhere between my mind and mouth,
Words keep losing their matter.


I've held on to brittle moments,
Scrabbled dearly for precious encounters,
Scratched away at the clay that envelops my soft warm heart.

 The words that unravelled,
Spent illtime in the sun rise,
Promising sunkissed souveniers for the physical.

But the mental unbalanced can tolerate less violence,
And pain than ever before,
A reflection of flight,
Three horizons in sight,
And the sky darkens with no light to be seen.

We've spent these precious hours,
Claiming what is not ours,
But reversing the effects of passions throws.

A wind chime rings, pretty beautiful things,
And once more I'm not here but by your side.

 The acting I've done,
Has undone what I'd want,
And the acropolis holds me high above the world.

Ancient cities hold,
Four forests fold,
And I am wrapped in the leaves of neptune.

For twilight hours,
For feathers devoured
For every kiss, every touch, every word.

For every time I've come around again,
I'll be strong,
I'll be weak,
And no one will find me...


Speaking softly at the bottom of the sea.

The End

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