Melted Snow Drops

Melted snow drops upon my shoulder.
Wiser wisdom as I get older.

A crystal white blanket covers the street.
A familiar picture, it's where we meet.

I dreamt of you, it was very real.
Emotions, memories that I conceal.

You walked towards me in the moonlight.
My heart and mind in a constant love fight.

I long to feel your tender kiss.
Take me now, let us have the bliss.

I must give in to your tight embrace.
Touch me, love me with your grace.

Breathed sighs of the passion flame.
I surrender when you whisper my name.

I close my eye's and I can see,
Just how much our love is meant to be.

Melted snow drops upon warm blushed cheeks.
I can feel it all, I can feel the heat.

So walk with me now, on snow drops of forever.
I will listen to you quietly, constant and together.

The End

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