Melody First

to be sung to the tune of your choice.

I’m always dancing, I’m always singing and
I’m alive, awake and aware.
I can feel the rhythm in everything, if-
-I remember to know that it’s there.

Feel the drums and hums eh-dum, ds'eh deh dum
Wake me up -andthen- put me to sleep.
Dum de dum anD- I’m a dumb idiom
Singing things I think I don’t mean.

Walk the walk.
Or write on the wall again,
Wake me up
And lull me to sleep again,
Never doubt and then never rethink again.
Never see what it means to be free, and end

Into my head.
And wake up
And try again

. . .

Wake up, and take the cake that you’re given and
Work for words that work for you now
Later on you’re on, but don’t egg it on, when-
-Everything is beautiful now.

I’m always dancing, I’m always singing with
Every sound and movement I make.
Even -whenI’m- asleep or ignoring it,
I believe it’s all I can say.

The End

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