This is a tale of a melody

That was crafted with precision

She was born in the depths of the soul

His crafter was careful with every incision.


She's colorful and full of twists

Which were tailored gently and wittily

After you go through her emotional route

You won't think that life is gone through so easily


So how the melody was created           

This is the most important question must be raised

Like a chef putting together all the ingredients

The melody consists of special measurements having each a special taste


So the crafter first takes a cup of sadness

That was created following a trouble

Right after mixing it up with glass of hope

At that point the melody looks like an unclear puzzle


Now the composer start to arrange things up

Decide whether he wants   the melody to be gloom or happy

Wavering up carefully the chords for the first stanza

This piece starts to consolidate into something which has an identity


Turning point, the gentle features of the melody start to appear

It's lovely, smiling all over the place, wrapped up by a velvet rope

The sounds all of a sudden seem fabricated in a surprising order

Now you possess your creation, no doubt, it's yours,  no longer


 The battle has finished, the weapons are put down

Tears of happiness run through your eyes

You have brought a new  child to  world which can, for a minute put off our world's gloomy disguise

The End

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