Melancholy Pianist


I've lost my reasons to cry

My memories are crystal clear

Tired are my bloodstained mirrors

My hatred is pulverized, and the ashes are my bed

I wish to fall in eternal sleep, fade in black, breathing death winds

My heart has lost its will, my soul is dying

The scars I bear wont ever heal, yet I don't care, my head is empty

In my body flows winds of winter

Cold fingers sweeps over the piano keys

This melody is all I have, what calms my screaming spirit

My oceans have ceased to grow, my mind is frozen, there is no fire that can melt my fortress

I am lost, my shell moulders apart and flickers away

As the hope in the tired mirrors

Taken, and neglected to death

If I had the will, the spark to stand on the cliff,

...If only, I had the last flame left...

The End

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