Melancholy Life

Well started working on something. Sorry if it's too long, kept on thinking of stuff.

What a melancholy life it must be,

for you not to be free.

To be imprisoned,

and never be summoned.

To have a horrible family,

always depressed like it comes to you naturally.

You contemplate suicide,

never able to decide.

Always looking for that one girl,

but they act like you make them hurl.

You know there's nothing wrong with you,

people seem to think you have the flu.

No one notices your emotion,

under all the commotion.

You're depressed,

feelings repressed.

You feel like you'll never get better,

you'll never be the go getter.

People always ask what's wrong publicly,

but you want to speak about it privately.

You feel like no one will ever care,

always lacking that extra breath of air.

Sometimes you feel like you could disappear,

and think till things are clear.

You want to find the solution,

and start a revolution.

That will end all of this ignorance,

let people show their true brilliance.

At the end of the day you fall asleep.

nightmares being to reap...

The End

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