Mein Kampf und Herrlichkeit Or The thoughts Of The Fool


Marches happen, do they happen all the time?
Though none shall be so glorious as mine
None so great, as fitting, though you could try
To think of a reason as glorious as I!

I could tell you that I had planned this through
But would it matter as who would come to
Think of those, the greatest but try
To find another as glorious as I!

They could say I wrote those "horrible words"
And I should say "Why not? They befit my world!"
Those who think that they could though would never try
To find their thoughts as glorious as mine!

Those ones that I hate, they know can't you see?
They know we are weak we must cower, can't we?
I must attack and at all costs will try.
To prevent them coming then they will
And then I will
But glorious was I...

The End

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