Meet me

Meet me at the playground swings;

We’ll play made-up games

And other things.

Then, with sun-burnt faces and grass-stained knees

We’ll beg for a sleepover

(Pretty please).


Meet me on the soccer field,

And we’ll play one on one,

If your broken leg is healed.

And when the day runs out of time,

You’ll go your way,

And I’ll go mine.


Meet me at the coffee shop.

I’ll dress up so that you might notice.

Let us laugh without intent to stop.

Then drive me home in your new car.

To me, you look

Like a movie star.


Meet me after the ceremony;

You know, I’m really happy for you,

Fresh into the world of matrimony.

There is so much on my mind!

I only wish

You hadn’t left me behind.


Meet me on the bridge tonight,

If you still remember me.

Let me see you by the full moon’s light.

It has been so long,

The years have changed you,

And I feel that I don’t belong.


Meet me in the park today.

We’ll sit and feed pigeons,

With nothing to say.

We’ll watch children playing on the swings,

Made-up games

And other things.


Meet me in my dreams tonight,

For I wish to see you.

Through darkness, let your soul shine bright.

I know you’ll never truly be gone

For you are in my heart,

And my heart beats on.


Meet me at the playground swings.

If there’s a God, then this is Heaven,

For as long as you’re here, I have wings.

Let us be children once more—

But first, let me tell you that which

I couldn’t before:


I love you.

The End

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