You're right, I don't understand what it's like to be smart ,

but I do understand what it's like, to make art

Or try in vain, held back by the pain that's been in my brain

the constant sadness and anxiety, am I really just a lame?

But I fight past , this frightening past and try my hardest to make a future so both of us can have a path

not just you, I love you and I need you, but I also love myself I have to be a student and a teacher

But the teachers have all lied, including myself

To their students, their children and even themselves

The latter is me, I always hide my feelings and thoughts 

So no one will think of coming into my box 

I don't know why, maybe I'm just very shy 

or sly and I hurt everyone that gets nigh

Kid, I love you and you aren't gonna die

You'll live on forever if you would just free your mind

By free your mind, I don't mean get high

I mean throw the chain off your back and stand up high

Your parents don't make you, neither do your peers

So stay here and live I know that everyone wants you to stay right here 

The End

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