Unwritten by the Uninspired

Stop,erase it all, and start again.
(It took me an hour just to write that one line.)

I look at this screen, thoughts tumbling,
screeching to be released,
and every time my word combinations
fall flat.
(it took me only half an hour to decided on writing that.)

I stare blankly at the words I have written
they seem to jumble,scramble,
run away from my muse,
I am playing hide and seek
with the things that sing in my
(I'm getting closer,that only took twenty minutes.)

I look everything over again,
and my heart sinks,
This doesn't make much sense,
but this is what my brain has dictated,
this is what my fingers have
tapped out,
yet my eyes tear up at the lack
of emotion,
at the lack of talent in the lines.
(This realization took only forty minutes.)

Stop,erase it all, and start again.
(it only took two seconds to delete these fruitless murmurings.)

The End

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