Meat of it All

Frozen peas are
best for swelling
around the eye.

Chewing mint helps to
forget the taste of blood;

of the meat of it all -
the boned fists force,
the impact crunch,
the head flailing backwards.

A dish of mash ‘n peas
on a Sunday afternoon
served up by irrationality
with a side of heroic intentions.

At the meat of it all
somebody else’s wife,
somebody else’s argument,
somebody else’s business,
somebody else’s fists.

A case of courage
bruising meat rancid,

mashing all the peas
in the freezer chilling
a raw chunk of face.

The taste of adrenalin
metal piercing past
a mashed mouthful of mint.

The meat of it all
laid out naked like
on a butcher’s block.

The End

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