All overMature

and I wonder what it is
the way you are in my head
the way you fit into everything
and the way I wish I could always tell you
that I love you, I love you
so much more than just,
just to the moon and back
beyond the andromeda
beyond whatever other universe,
that there could possibly be
and I wish even then,
you knew how much I love you
because it's not enough-
whispering it into your skin,
or letting the words flow past my lips,
or sinking the words into yours
when your lips fit with mine
how I wish, that just kissing you
would let you feel that love
that envelopes me
whenever I look at you
how I freeze in place
and it takes me a moment to move
because how can I be so lucky,
getting to love you?
starting with your blue eyes
that I find myself looking for,
passing the dozens of other people,
and the smile that just
slips onto your face
as we step closer and closer
and how I wish
I could keep that smile there
always, always
because god, do I love,
I love every little thing about you
that I have come across
the way you jump when you play
or move your hands when you talk
or the silly noises you make
or grinning when you talk about,
the things that you love
when you sing along to the music,
softly, and louder at some parts
wishing I could hear you sing all the time,
and ending with,
when your eyes,
when they meet with mine,
bleary and hardly awake,
mumbling to me,
with that beautiful sleepy smile,
and that is when,
that is when I fall,
head over heels,
all over again.

The End

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