Lost in wordsMature

i've always tried to write about
how you take up my head
and how i want to let you know
just how perfect i think you are
but i can't get it just right
so i get to the point
of how much i enjoy just laying with you
watching your smile take up all the space i have
trying to kiss the word into every piece of you that i've found,
that come together like a complex puzzle
that i don't want to stop putting together
until i have all the pieces
and how your smile,
it goes to the left
and then pulls up to the right
until it fills your whole face
and how your voice fits in my head
every time i hear it
i don't want to let it go
and i wonder what would happen
if i were to fall in love with you all over again
always starting with the way you smile at me
to the way you hold me close to you
unwilling to let go
how you sing softly when you know i'm listening
strumming gently so the music fills only our ears
and that's where i started to fall
sitting on the edge of the grass
watching you on the rail
singing softly
and i hoped,
that you meant it to be for me
and to this day
i fall harder and harder
the thought
always in my head
that you love me
and i love you too.

The End

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