What a RhymeMature

I'm stuck on the taste of your lips
like you're glue,
and god do I love you
stuck making these silly rhymes
in my head all the time,
i'm kind of a loser,
stuck on a cruiser,
can i pull you closer?
like we're on a coaster,
up and down like the tide
got all the time to bide
this poem's starting to dry,
so get ready to fly
wow, what a line to use
these rhymes are starting to slip loose
god I should stop
maybe I'm not ready to drop
yeah this is pretty lame
what a shame
I'll take a step back
like i'm running a track
stop and take a breath
all that rhymes is death
gonna get a little lost in your eyes
what a prize,
I've realized
just how time flies
whoops, did I do four?
i could have swore,
there wouldn't be more
oops, I did it again
nothing rhymes with that
i'll take off my hat
i'm not up to bat
when I'm [pressed] against you
my heart i hope you knew,
has long belonged as true
and when you look this way,
not a single thing is grey
and here I can't go on
for all my rhyming is gone,
i'm pretty well done
but you still shine like the sun.

The End

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