Come OnMature

Come on,
bring me the good days
where the sun shines bright
not a cloud in the sky
where you dance like there's not a thing to stop you
so come on,
bring on the music
pump your fists in the air
like it's louder than you can bear
but you scream "LOUDER"
come on,
kick up the volume
let the drinks rain down,
let the sound hit the air
let your hands make some noise
so come on,
kiss until your lips are sore
sing until your lungs give out
dance until your legs are numb
and hold on as tight as you can
come on,
we're barely ready
but we've gotta get started
get this place pumpin'
get the fire blazing
come on,
raise your glass
raise your voice
raise your hands
raise whatever you got
but come on,
getting faster
getting harder
getting louder
getting close
so come on,
we're on the top
never going down
and here we are,
not even close to the end.

The End

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