Last WordsMature

There are millions of deceased people
and even fewer well known last words
a bit unfair, yeah?
Just because
you weren't the president
or famous at all
your name is nothing
and that sucks, too.
The greatest words could be lost
because you are not Edison
or Henrik or Simón
looking for the beauty beyond
or the great perhaps
or a way out of the labyrinth.
You are a shout into the void
lost in the existential oblivion
hopeless and muted.
I'm not saying you should make your life count
that you should jump at every opportunity
I'm saying you've got to make your words count
whether you're leading a seminar
or on your deathbed
or just starting your great perhaps
it's not about having a life that counts for something
it's about the words you choose to make something
whether you're mending
or breaking
the words you have
could be the last.

The End

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