every time I look at you
there's a wall between my words
I can barely manage not to stutter.
I don't want to mess up
and seem like a fool
but I'm dying to keep your eyes on me
if I could get rid of this wall
maybe it'd be easier
to say what's always in my head
but there's no way to say it
that I haven't said before
that I love you
and it's always on my mind,
but this wall is in the way
of wording it right
because I love you is not enough
no, not even close
and I've noticed lately
that I can't get enough
of every piece of you
so unwilling to say goodbye
that the words never leave my mouth,
but trail against your skin
I never want to let you go
and I guess that's close enough
to all that I want to say,
moreover maybe it's just barely denting the surface
but oh, do I love you.

The End

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