All the words
I constantly etch on a paper
or that appear across a screen
god, can they be hard to catch
I like to think
that at some point
I will write the perfect poem
for you
but I know
that it could never happen.
There is no poem
that I could possibly write
that would fit you.
Do you understand?
That I am in love with you,
and I fell in love with you
top to bottom
starting with bits and pieces
like the way you sit there
and the smile you get
when you're just staring
and when you kiss me
we talk about how addicting it is
and if I asked if I could,
I bet you'd let me kiss you all day
but these words still don't catch
how blue your eyes are
yesterday they were dark blue
when you looked at the ice
and the day before?
they were the colour of the ice
I am in love with you.
I could say it a thousand times
and combined,
they wouldn't really tell you
just how much I love you.
And all of this sounds dumb,
because none of it sounds right
you're smiling anyway
because you know
and maybe,
maybe you can feel it
oh, look at you,
my beautiful boy,
you've probably giggled
your eyes crossing down
trying to cover your smile
even though I can't see it
I'm jealous, you know
of everyone that can see you
and touch you
when I can't.
But that goes away
because none of them
have looked at you
or touched you
like I have.
Making your skin go red,
and your breath stop
how jagged I can make it.
but that's not really the point,
I always seem to get off topic
and now the songs
that I've been listening to
that sound so familiar
falling in love
when I'm next to you,
I'm always falling,
and I've probably been falling
since we met.
all these words are jumbled
And lost
what I've been trying to say
is god, am I in love with you
and I want you to know it
in every way that I can show it
starting with kissing it into your skin
and dripping it on your lips,
and my fingertips
will leave a trail of the words
everywhere they go.
I guess I just don't want you to forget it.
So please, darling,
don't forget
I love you.

The End

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