Midnight loveMature

love doesn't have to be
The way she feels
pressed up against you
after you've whispered "I love you"
into her hair
and she didn't hear you
because she's been fast asleep since 11:38
and she has no idea
how you taste
at 4:03 am
but she knows
how your skin feels
at 2:01
when neither of you
can even keep your eyes open
but your fingers are still intertwined
but you keep one hand cupped to her face
your thumb brushing her cheek
while you listen to her murmur
about how you sound at 1:42 am
and you're making her giggle into your shoulder
and how she fell in love with your smile
the very first day
and you whisper into her neck
that you'll never let her go
and she pulls you closer,
holds you tighter.
and yet,
that is exactly what love is.
isn't it?

The End

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