Loud and Proud. What about you?Mature

You act like
you've never heard music before
never read a poem before
come on, man
you can't tell me
you're not used to this sound
we've been this way for years
gone through some renovations
but we're still loud and proud
always making hearts beat fast
And hands pump the air
we like being told to stop
that we're not good enough
and the world isn't made for us
it makes our blood pump, hot and thick
do you honestly believe
we would step down
from the world we created
with our blood, sweat, tears and souls?
we've had this throne
longer than we've all lived
we won't give that up
just cause some dick
doesn't like our sound
we were made to keep the crowds alive
not to feed them all the lies
don't tell us to turn it down,
we'll just kick it up
these amps were made for volume
and believe us when we say
you've got a fight comin'
and we'll be right in front
and you won't stand a chance.

The End

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