Don't mistake
the word of forgiveness
for the word of dismissal,
when I had to repeat myself
and you wanted me to be sorry
I could never be sorry
for not conforming to you
and what you wanted
I could never be sorry
for never letting you stop me
I wasn't a train about to be derailed
and I wasn't a car
Waiting at a stoplight
I wouldn't wait for you to tell me what was okay
and what was not
I'm not sorry
and I never will be
I'm not sorry
for not acting like I was on a leash
as if I could be pulled back
like a dog
I didn't need to be taught tricks,
I could learn better tricks,
on my own
and I left you
sputtering in the dust
I can't please you,
but what does that matter
when I don't want to please anyone?

The End

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