I was brought into a world
where not enough
of the greater things mattered
and too many
of the worst things,
I took a look around
When I was older
and couldn't see what could go wrong
with how so many people
had a lot to say
but not enough people were listening
and it didn't take me long
to realize why
there were a lot of people speaking
but too many of them
were talking over everyone important
If you can't hear us when we're screaming
At the top of our lungs
why do you try to listen in the first place?
We don't talk
or write
or sing
so you can ask us
to censor,
or stop
we do it all
so the ones that can understand
will listen
we don't have to conform
to the piece of shit
that is society
we don't do what we're told
And that makes us rebels
we don't hide in the shadows
like everyone else
we like to scream and shout
because maybe we aren't heard all the time
but we're heard enough.

The End

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