she longed for the feel of him against her
how his skin was so warm
and breath skimming over hers
they would kiss each other
over and over again
until they needed to breathe
later she would tell him
how she could still taste him
and that she was always lost
in how his lips tasted like wine
made from the stars
as her fingertips traced lightly
over his skin
his eyes stayed closed
as he murmured to her
and asked her to lay with him
so she kept her hand on his chest
and her head on his shoulder
and they whispered
endlessly through the night
calling each others names
his arm was draped over hers
as they traced their names
into each others skin
one last time
before their lips spelled
"I love you"
and sleep filled the air
that had hummed with their voices
and slowed heartbeats
but now sang
with bare skin
and hushed breathing

The End

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