The Lucky OneMature

On a dark run,
except I'm all alone
in all this black
and there is no way out.
Can't trace my steps
back to that light,
can't bring myself
to remember it enough
to let me be there again.
What a waste,
falling back to the place
you oh so made before,
a person you could never escape,
if that isn't you
than none of it's true.
Mirror, mirror, why can't you see?
all you show is the death of me,
and if i'm still breathing
i'm the lucky one,
well take away these lungs
they're no good for me.
and if i'm still bleeding,
i'm the lucky one.
i should have been dead,
the feelings i couldn't remember
stuck on my skin.
and all this time,
i'm forever missing that
and how it stung so bad
i couldn't move an inch
well i'm still bleeding
i'm the lucky one
still breathing
aren't i?
well i'm the lucky one
isn't that unfortunate
i can't remember
what breathing is supposed to feel like
surely, though
it shouldn't feel
like someone
has their hands in my chest,
ripping my lungs
and my heart out
well i'm the lucky one
i'm sure i'm still breathing
though i wouldn't know
but i'm still bleeding
don't you see?
the streaks i left
i'm sure that you've seen
i'm the lucky one
supposed to give love
like never before
because then the luck
isn't mine
so how am i the lucky one
still breathing
and yeah
Still bleeding
just let me go
i've screamed it before
and still hanging on
i'm the lucky one
but what can i do
keep asking for time
that i don't have
keep screaming
you can't save everyone
So what's the point?
surely you've got to know
but no one really does
there's not a point to speaking
when no one can even hear you
wait until you're six feet under
What will they say then?
they'll say they're sorry
And they should have known
how wrong they are
they'll say they're sorry
And they aren't
maybe some are
but they aren't
and they never will be
for my sake
i'm the lucky one
still bleeding
Still breathing
but what's the point?
if i can't remember who i was
i wasn't them in the first place
i'm supposed to be me
but what's the point?
can't read between the lines
i'm singing straight out
but you don't hear a word
you never have
and i promise these days
the lucky ones
still breathing
still bleeding
what are we supposed to say?
get out of my chest
that's never the way
the heart isn't a toy
but we let them play a game
come on
i've been screaming out
you can't just notice
when i can't scream anymore
Say you should have known
when i'm all gone
that's not the point
the point is you pay attention now
don't you see?
don't apologize
for all that
you can't take it back
and you can't fix it
you can move forward
like you're supposed to
when you mess up so bad
what do you want me to say?
i can't forgive you
the words aren't even stuck in my throat
because they will never be meant for you
So don't beg me
when i walk away
just let me go
i'm the lucky one
i'll still breathe
And i'll still bleed
and trust me
you will too.

The End

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