I could rememberMature

I could remember
the taste of your lips
as if you had left it imprinted
on my skin
your hands sliding up my sides
and over my back
your lips skimming over every inch
your teeth grazing my neck and collarbone
claiming me as yours
keeping me as close as you could
and never letting go
and your breath
sunk into my skin
as your voice
snuck into my head
whispering to me
stealing my breath
as your lips met mine
my hands spread over your back
fingers stretching over your shoulderblades
tugging you closer to me
bare skin mixing together
I could remember
how you moaned my name
into my mouth
across my lips
like it didn't sound right
and wasn't my name
unless your mouth was wrapped around it
I could remember
never wanting to let go

The End

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