Ian's Chess Pieces [The Game]Mature

I see this stupid board
and it feels quite ignored
well maybe that's the point
because, me?
I'm tired of life
treating me like a pawn
int his awful game of chess
well now it's my game
I'm the queen
and you're the king
and there is no losing
this board is made out my way
and the rules: written by me
life is a bitch to pay
now it's the other way around
and it's my bitch to play
all these broken rooks
and lost little knights
my bishop will storm the castle
there is no losing
I'm in control of this game
life's got its tail between its legs
cowering in a corner
I've got the crown
I'm not backing down
As the queen I make my way
across this fuckin' board
I'm taking life down
and there won't be a fight.

The End

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