Michael (P.O.V)Mature

Come on
you can't say this is right
can't say this is okay
it doesn't make sense
worshipping the ones
that took themselves away
did you ever think that maybe
if they weren't such giant jerks
those things might not have happened
take a look around
this girl drank some things
after bedding some girls dude
this guy had a rope
after taking this girls hope
this girl chose a train
to avoid dealing with consequences
this world is just insane
to think it's just a game
Sure, people are cruel
but they get that way
from the way they are treated
that doesn't mean it's okay
for you to leech off of it
that doesn't mean it's okay
to guilt us with this shit
you made the mistake
and if you are going down
well we promise
you're not taking anyone with you

The End

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