Jen (P.O.V)Mature

"Shutting my eyes
to stay in the dark
the dark is all I know
never a place to run
always stuck in my head
the place where monsters hide
and if these scars
can't bring me back
or save me from myself
I guess that's enough
had enough of this world
that wasn't meant for me
memories that I still keep
that drown me in the past"
I think this is sad
The world made people like this
to let them drown in misery
unable to pick themselves up
because people can't be nice
isn't that what we deserve
not to suffer with this
you don't exist to cause-
to cause misery & despair
It isn't your right
to take the goodness away
from someone else
this is a good world
it is full of bad people

The End

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