Blind, but you'll liveMature

These days
always subject to change
but have you noticed;
these changes aren't the best?
you haven't
too blind all the time
can't notice the wrong
when it's right in front of you.
So what's the point anymore
with all these things
falling to pieces
turning away
So you don't have to see
but you're still a part of this
and the way the pieces are placed
we won't win through these changes
but you don't care
all your thoughts
belonging to your failure
people are supposed to be there
and you weren't
and you won't change
but I'm going to go
and never look back
then you'll be forced to see
and trust me
you'll wish you were as blind as before
but here's the thing
You'll have to live with it
I'm not coming back

The End

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