What you writeMature

A professor once said
"if you write about something too much
you will wear it out
and you will ruin it for yourself"
he was very wrong
so long as you love this thing
that you write about
you cannot tarnish it
unless you do so on purpose
but it is in your hands
to do with as you please
a snowflake, per say
you could let it melt
or turn it into a snowfall
but you cannot wear it out
but you may sound repetitive
but if you love it
you musn't let someone tarnish it
think of it as an apple
it could be a rotten apple
or it can be delicious
so long as you care for
whatever it is you write
it cannot be worn
and cannot be tarnished
do not let anyone else
say otherwise
or change your mind.

The End

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