Amazing peopleMature

I'm pissed off at the world
at how
people can't think or believe
they are amazing people
and can accomplish amazing things
that people feel they have the right
to be shitty and take that away
We are great people
meant to accomplish great things
and we damn well deserve to think so
it isn't some game
created so the "cheaters" can win
we are not designed to believe
that we are not good enough
because we are, we all are
maybe we are not the underdogs
so take a closer look
stop and appreciate the person you are
and the person you are meant to be
all these silly flaws
make it easy to show your beauty
because to someone else
they are not your flaws, but your beauty
we are amazing people
able to accomplish amazing things
don't let anyone make you believe
that you are capable of any less
or that you are any less
they will always be wrong

The End

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