Lie outMature

Desperate to take a breath
inches from declaring my death
how did I get myself into this mess?
well I'll let you take a guess
Caught me at my best
but still I quit the quest
when all I could I forbid
life really is desperately morbid
for all that they mistake
I couldn't stay awake
and I thought this was breathtaking
but yet they were always faking
still not to my surprise
thought they'd lead to my demise
that day is not here yet
but if you want to make a bet
think I'm in a rut
well you're out of luck
here now I will rise
out from underneath your lies
this is the day
you become the prey
all these faded scars
become the stars
all the words out of your mouth
have made you go south
and how does it feel
now that you are to kneel
for what it's worth
we weren't meant for this earth

The End

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