Budget Breakfast!

The fridge swings open

Cooling boxer shorted legs

Hairy, ugly, smelly breath exhales

In a cool rush as realization forms an eyeballed thought 

Minding only Cream, Water, and cereal undreamed

But sitting in the truth of your ice box shelves

You lean, tired, goose bumpy, face lumpy, eyes squinty

Dismissing the sun shining, crows cawing and gophers that

Scurry around in the outside world

You don't want to face just yet

Especially not miserably hungry

So you hug all three items at once

Spill them upon an open slice of counter space and begin

Your best disheveled depiction of a poor lunatic scientist

Mixing away in your last clean bowl-- cereal, surreally but for really,

Water, fodder utter thoughts of squalor,

And an unhealthy portion of cream, seamed in with distortion

Only to come to the not so stunning conclusion

That there isn't a clean spoon to be using

So with approaching clarity you tip the bowl back

Sloppily chew, smack, cough, scratch, spew spittle a little

Alone so it's ok, feeling better now-- food allows for head room

Wait, who the hell is that emerging from my bedroom!?


The End

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